Virtual reality projects

  • Panoramas
  • Virtual tours
  • 360° Videos

On demand developing

  • .Net – Enterprise Integration
  • Java Enterprise
  • Software maintenance

eLearning Consultancy

  • Learning environment implementation
  • Content developing
  • Research activities






ITC Consultancy

By the IT consultancy services we provide our clients with the ability of defining and implementing accurate policies for the IT systems management by implementing, interconnecting and integrating data processing solutions adjusted to meet the needs of the organization.

For the Small and Medium Enterprises area, we give a lot of consideration to open-source and SAS (software as a service) solutions; we also assist the Small and Medium Enterprises to define their short-term and long-term strategies in order to develop their IT infrastructure in relation with the company's development objectives.

For each stage of a project's lifetime, the consultants of ITC department assist the clients in:

  • Analyzing assessing of opportunities and individual challenges (materialized in technical and financial feasibility researches)
  • Defining the characteristics of every ITC subsystem in order to integrate it in the overall policy of the organization
  • Assistance in implementing and integrating the chosen technical solutions, both for hardware (infrastructure) and software (data processing applications)
  • Management of ITC projects
  • Training for the users of the solutions (in collaboration with the eLearning department)

A distinct field in our consulting activity is the development of technical projects, part of grant applications. In this case we was working, as a rule, with consulting companies specialised in the accessing of funds.


  • eBusiness
  • eGovernment
  • eLearning.






eLearning Consultancy

t2 know-how is based on a team of specialists which have been developed several state of the art eLearning products for the Romanian and UK market.

We equally address to the training entities / companies / departments both from the public and private sector (corporations and SME’s); we help both the trainers and the trainees to go one step ahead to the eTraining / blended Training field.

t2 will asist you to reach your training / training management goals, to choose the technologies wich will fit best to your needs and will ensure an optimal Total Cost of Ownership for your organisation.

Our specialists  can assist you in any stage of the project to implement a training process (by themselves, or togheter with your team).

The solutions provided by us are based on open standards / open source technologies in order to maintain the technological independence of our clients. Our main area of expertise are the ADL: standards  (SCORM 1.2; 1.3 2nd, 3rd and 4th edition).

t2 is involved in the research and development field. We continuous monitor the technological news in the computer based training field and, moreover, we are developing our own research projects in order to ensure the best quality for our inovative services.

The main research activities are:

  • Develop new tools and platforms wich will facilitate endusers’ access to advanced eTraining platforms.
  • Develop training frameworks based on Computer Based Training calibrated for the specific of the professional field the users belong to.



Systems for managing information and flows

In the 10 years of activity t2 team had a lot of requests from customers for solutions that involve information and workflow management of their organizations.

On the other hand, the market abounds with solutions dedicated to this area, most of the times, being known as solutions as:

  • DMS - Document Management System
  • ECMS - Enterprise Content Management System
  • RM - Records Management (or RIM - Records and Information Management)
  • DAM - Digital Asset Management
  • DXP - Digital experience Platform

The solutions listed above provide workflow management functionalities and, also, there are solutions dedicated to the processes management of the organization (BPM - Business Process Management type), whith have the opportunity to manipulate information on the roadmap.

Our work is not just limited to consulting clients which solution would be the best choice in their particular case or only elaborations of purchase documents, but also in the actual implementation of the systems that can solve the customer's needs.

For this purpose, taking into account our aim to offer a best value for money, we have developed competences for implementation solutions like DMS, ECMS, DAM, RM. We have implemented solutions based on well-known platforms as Alfresco and Liferay and we are developing other partnerships.






On demand developing

Although we are followers of the concept of "buy not build", there is often the case that justified the custom software development for our clients.

These situations happen especially in the case of research projects, integration of information systems, maintenance of existing systems.

We cover all phases of the development cycle:

  • Software Analysis  (acordingly standardized methodologies)
  • Software architecture (from SMES up to governmental level)
  • Project Management (Waterfall, Agile or derivatives)
  • Software Development
    • .NET
    • Java
    • PHP
  • Implementation
  • Testing



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